Symphonies of Resilience

Symphonies of Resilience was a public art project that was part of #exstrange – a curatorial project of Marialaura Ghidini, Rebekah Modrak that transformed eBay into a site of artistic production and cultural exchange as an artistic intervention into capitalism.

The airSymphonies of Resilience
still wet
The soil beneath, soft
Casting deep
the marks of our feet,
As we stand, united
Spectacle of human hands,
Rising together
Against the fascist gaze
I can hear the crowd
growing larger
inside me,
as they shout
Symphonies of Resilience

After coming to Portland last September, I witnessed the protest rallies and the solidarity meets, during the pre and post presidential election in the USA. I found myself silent from the outside, but the voices inside me grew louder with every passing moment. I remained captive within my thoughts, in retrospect, to the times of post general election in my own country – India, in 2014. The emotional anxiety that I witnessed in people’s eyes seemed familiar, and the slogans – similar. I recorded those voices and the sounds that I felt were my own. Those collected sounds and slogans gave us the strength of collective resistance that we found in each other, especially during the time of our crisis.  I feel this strength needs to echo more, not only in protest rallies and the marches, but also in our everyday lives. By creating ringtones of my collections, and selling them through this art project, I want to celebrate those voices in the crowd, which cater to the ‘Symphonies of Resilience’. The function of the ring tone is to remind the user (and anyone within ear shot) of the protests and resistance around. The fund raised from this sale would go to unite Oregon, a statewide nonprofit leadership and political advocacy group in Oregon.

Symphonies of Resilience-1
Size – 728KB (maximum)
Duration- 35 seconds.
Type- MP3 files.
The ringtones will be delivered digitally via email.

Ringtones were available:

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