My Self-Assessment of Ideas and Values


Topic: Self and the Others

  1. Why am I writing these questions?
  2. Are questions important?
  3. Are questions unimportant?
  4. What makes a question?
  5. Can words resonate what we want to ask?
  6. Do we grow by asking questions?
  7. How big can we grow?
  8. Does a question manifest inside or outside?
  9. What is inside?
  10. What is outside?
  11. Can inside be formed outside?
  12. Can outside be formed inside?
  13. What do I mean by inside?
  14. Does it refer to subjective reality only?
  15. What is subjective reality?
  16. What is objective reality?
  17. What is reality?
  18. Am I real?
  19. Are we real?
  20. What are we?
  21. Why are we here for?
  22. Can we have no purpose of our being?

Topic: Art and life

  1. Is purpose an important factor in life?
  2. Is purpose an important factor for art?
  3. Is it important for art to be art?
  4. Can art be life?
  5. Can life be art?
  6. What is time and space in context of art?
  7. Can time and space overlap in aesthetic experience?
  8. Can aesthetics be detached from art?
  9. Will that still remain art?
  10. Who do we make art for?
  11. Can art bring change?
  12. Do we need change?
  13. What change are we looking for?
  14. What is engagement?

Topic: Community and Communication

  1. Why do we constantly strive to communicate?
  2. Is communication important in our associations?
  3. Does communication inflect attachment?
  4. Can heightened attachment cause misanthropy?
  5. What is identity?
  6. Why do we need to identify?
  7. Whom do we need to identify?
  8. How many identities are enough for us to be human?
  9. How many identities are enough to be inhuman?
  10. Why did humans evolve?
  11. Is evolution responsible for Anthropocene?
  12. Did we really evolve?
  13. What did technology do to us?
  14. What did we do to technology?
  15. Are we close?
  16. Are we open?
  17. How much technology do we need to be open?
  18. How much technology do we need to be close?
  19. Can we be close and open?
  20. Can you be open?
  21. Can I be open?
  22. Can you read these questions from my reality?
  23. Whose reality do we reflect in art?
  24. What does art do to us?
  25. What do we do to art?
  26. Does art divide?
  27. Does art unite?

Topic: Social Functioning

  1. What divides more: Capitalism, Marxism, Religion or Knowledge overall?
  2. How much knowledge is enough for emancipation?
  3. What is knowledge worth without an interaction?
  4. Who are the people I wish to interact with?
  5. Who are my people?
  6. Who are your people?
  7. Is there a common between my people and your people?
  8. Can my people be your people?
  9. Can I be my people and your people too?
  10. Can culture be the social common for us to be on same ground?
  11. What is social capital in the pool of urbanization?
  12. Is information technology and World Wide Web fostering new forms of relationship?
  13. Is overwhelming data supply changing our ways of association?
  14. Is it impacting our functioning?
  15. How does art function in social practice?
  16. Who are the viewers/ audience in social practice?
  17. Can there be no audience?
  18. Will it impact functioning of art?

Topic: Ideas and Sustainability

  1. What if ideas overlap?
  2. What is the afterlife of ideas commenced in action?
  3. How does capitalism intervene into the idea of sustainability?
  4. Are they sustainable?
  5. What is culture?
  6. What do we want to sustain when human life is transient in the history of this earth?
  7. Can we sustain humanity?
  8. What does heterogeneity and cultural intelligence (CQ) signify in global market?
  9. Did global crisis engender the need for shared worldview?
  10. What is the importance of relationship?
  11. What is the role of participation in sustainable thinking and actions?
  12. Can collaboration counter capitalism?
  13. Do we need to collaborate?
  14. Is authorship an important question in social practices?
  15. Can micro policies impact global mechanism?
  16. How can scientific advancement resonate towards an equitable future?
  17. Can relationships be built without need?
  18. What do I need?
  19. What do you need?
  20. What do we need?
  21. What does the earth need?
  22. Do we need to bring change when change is the only constant phenomena of this earth?
  23. Did I make any sense?
  24. Do I need to make sense?

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