Mumbai Hyponatremia

Mumbai Hyponatremia is a collaborative project that critically explores the aspect of changing maps of salt-pans in and around Mumbai and the role of planning commission as well as the government in both protection and exploitation of these eco-sensitive land masses. These salt-pans which were protected by Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) norms was recently opened for development due to the land crisis in Mumbai.

The project addressed the issues related to the environment  that are major concerns for environmentalists as well as the members of the planning commission. The new development plan looks at these salt-pans as possible answers to the growing land, housing, and infrastructural crisis in the city, it also alarms us about the impact on the environment and its ecosystems.

The project was part of ‘Geographies of Consumption’ curated by Mohile Parikh Center Mumbai. The artists Jinal Sangoi, Pratik Ghaisas, Rohan Parkar, Jatin Rajput, Gayatri Tiwari, and Tejal Halve were part of this project along with few other students from Vasai Vikasini College. The final goal is to create an online map of human narratives that is generated through the interactions and the research in the projects.

vasai salt pan map

DSC02638.jpgSalt Pan land In Vasai, Mahrashtra, India

Letter Written to PM kirit somaiya-1.jpg

Letter from Dr, Kirit Somaiya to Prime minister of India in 2005

RTI front

RTI back

My Right to Information queries to  Deputy Salt Commissioner of Mumbai







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