Linear Extension

  • The narrow tarred road, right in the middle of the lush green golf course in Kharghar, leads to the village. But the road changes its color and shape right at the entrance of the village, which lacks tar as well as maintenance, demarcating the existence of the villagers from its urban counterpart.
  • This is the village of Pandavkada situated in Kharghar, a township planned and developed by the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCO). Having stayed here for 10 years now, I have witnessed how the landscape changed in the process of development. While CIDCO has developed a huge Central Park with a golf course over a few hundred acres of land right beside the village of Pandavkada, the village still lacks proper infrastructure. The fear of dislocation is an added pressure on the local people.
  • While the golf course remains lush green with regular water supply and maintenance around the year, the villagers depend on the monsoons for their harvest, which makes them take up alternative occupations for earning their living, except in the four months of the monsoon.
  • Pandavkada village is not the only village which is facing the threats of displacement of communities and habitat fragmentation caused by the development process. In recent days, India has been described as an emerging power in most of the western countries. It is regarded as one of the fastest developing countries. While development is inevitable, one needs to think about what costs we want to achieve this development.
  • This is this background that gave birth to ‘Linear Extension’, a participatory art workshop and interactive installation. The process of wrapping threads to the twigs/branches was meditative and had reference to our traditional ritual practices. The process of the workshop was centered on the idea of ‘collective aesthetics

le1 - Copyle2 - Copy






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