Forest Spirit incantation (FSI)

Collaborators: Thomas Manthey, Matthew Brown

Forest spirit incantation (FSI) is an outcome my walks and forest bathing in the woods of Washington Park, Portland. The rich green cover of the city was an attraction for me to chose to come to Portland. Living in Mumbai, India I have always been interested to explore the idea of maximizing green spaces in the planning of a city.  Portland is definitely a great example of that. How do we communicate with trees, birds, and wind that makes the forest into space for energy regeneration while healing us with its smell, sound, and visual richness? Can we sing to the trees or the Soil? do they also need healing? The questions gave birth to FSI as a form of our communication with forest. In urban planning, the acronym FSI informs to Floor Space Index which informs to the maximization of space in the built areas. I wanted to conceptually play with the acronym as the urban expansion are the main causes of removal of greeneries and deforestation in most parts of the world.

A group of my musician friends and I visited different parts of Washington Park every Saturdays for a couple of hours. Together we played music on our hikes. Making it a surpise musical treat for those hiking or walking in the forest. Often our momentary audience would engage in dialogues. These discussions ranged from the environmental issue simple narratives of every day. Some of the audiences even invited us for dinner at their place after initial interaction.

The music played by the group is composed mainly Inspired by natural sounds in different forest locations.

Compositions on
Bird sounds 3
Bird sounds 2
Bird sounds 1






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